In 2012 my mom, Darlene Sangster, overcame an emotional four month journey and joined her team in February to take home the 2012 Manitoba Senior Provincial title. Team Deprez represented Manitoba at the Senior National Championship in Abbotsford BC in March. Curling against greats such as Cathy King and Colleen Jones was certainly the highlight of the event!

In November 2011, my dad Wyman Sangster suffered a near death heart complication. After a 16 hour open heart surgery, he overcame the odds and survived. He spent three more weeks in the hospital and then was able to go home when he was strong enough. I was curling regular league with my mom that year and she had also been curling with her senior team preparing for provincials. She took a couple months off curling as she took care of my dad, and we were not sure she would make it back on the ice that season.

In January she was able to get back out there and come February, in their home rink in Stonewall in front of friends and family (including my dad, her husband!) Team Deprez won the provincial title. It was an emotional win for her and for our family. We were so proud of her and I would love to share this trip to the Brier with my parents.