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2019 Brandon Tim Hortons Brier

Tanya Raby

January 28, 2021

The Brier 2019 was announced to be held in Brandon MB. Wow was all I could think. Living in AB but being born and raised in MB I just knew I had to go.

All the top teams were going to be there! I still had family living close by so didn’t have to worry about the cost of accommodations and lots of my family are also curling fans. Yeah done deal, tickets for 4 please.

Man I could hardly wait. Now I had to get there? Flying is not my preferred way of travel so it took some sweet talking but I convinced my hubby to drive me back and we turned it into a quick trip/mini family vacation.

My mom, myself, and 2 aunties were the lucky ticket holders. It was made more fun and interesting as we all had different teams we were cheering for and had agreed to dress up. My 2 aunties were all for MB’s Team McEwen/Carruthers, while my mom cheers for AB’s Team Koe, and myself Nfld’s Team Gushue, it’s been that way for years.

I’m fortunate to have Grant Churchill (aka Churchy who is an ice maker at the Granite curling club in Winnipeg) as a close relative. He has helped make my curling memorabilia into quite the stash (with the help of his buddy Hodgy whom I got to meet in The Patch and thank in person).

After days of attending and cheering and having a blast in our outfits trying to get on tv or just a wave from our teams it happened! OMG! A friend of mine from back in AB was watching the final game on TSN and said she saw us! She paused her tv and snapped a photo and sent it to me.

Oh no! It was true. Now I have to take a few steps backwards and let you know that unfortunately Teams MB & Nfld/Canada were not eliminated 🙁

Yes very sad to everyone but my mom whom I love dearly. To help support her and her team I agreed to dress up in the team AB colors yellow and blue. Very different from the red Canada & Gushue jacket I had been proudly strutting around in.

At the final game, on the final day in the final minutes of being televised there we were. Her screaming and cheering, tears in her eyes and me by her side, happy for her, cheering for a great game, a great week and some really great memories.

Sure would be nice to have this experience all over again especially after covid and having to stay apart for so long missing each other but hopefully not spotted as a traitor this time (haha).