To be honest, I don’t actually like to participate in curling, although I will participate in the odd fundraiser and I love watching professional curling whenever it’s televised.

About 6 or 7 months before the 2020 Tim Horton’s Brier, I saw the post for volunteers on Facebook and asked my wife Marion about it and we both agreed to sign up to work in the Patch.

When we arrived for orientation and our first shift we couldn’t believe the size of the tent referred to as the Patch. At the end of our first day I remember saying that I’ve never handled so much alcohol before without drinking any of it.

We did get to watch some curling which was pretty awesome.

Our next shift was in the afternoon so we could hang out with a couple of friends and partake in the festivities which included some awesome local entertainment. We’re so glad we decided to sign up for this, it was an awesome experience and hopefully we can do again in the future.

Ken and Marion Burton