4 Generations Of Curlers - Curling Day In Canada

I have been curling since I was 3 at my local curling club in Wiarton. I was in my Little Rocks and Junior program as well as teaching and now starting ladies nights now that I’m home from university. My favourite memory if that each year we have a family bonspiel for the kids who are curling. All 10 years that I was in the program I had the pleasure for curling with my great grandpa, grandpa, mom and myself. We were a 4 generation curling team! This will forever be one of my favourite memories as it was so much fun to play and spend quality time with my family. My sister is now going through the program as well but unfortunately we lost my great grandpa 2 years ago. She will not have the opportunity to curl with the 4 generation team like I did. It really puts it into perspective how lucky I was. I definitely took it for granted as a kid because I thought 4 generations was normal, but as I get older I see how privileged I was and realize how important family (and curling) is to me!

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