On a Saturday, in November 2017, we were playing in a mixed Bonspiel at the Huntsville Curling Club. This annual bonspiel was sponsored by our Hometown IDA drugstore. Was not looking good as we gave up 5 in the first end. The second end was very strange. We were putting rocks out front and then drew some into the house. The opposition on their attempts to clear rocks would tap ours in. It was now down to skip rocks and we were sitting 6. Their vice said to the skip I am giving you lots of ice for you to draw in. Oops another rock tapped in. Now 7 in the house. Now my husband just had to draw and out count any of their stones. The other rinks stopped to watch. One veteran told my husband “do not some come up short”. What pressure. He got set and released his rock. We had to sweep a bit but it was good. It was hard to concentrate for next 6 ends, but we did and won the game. This was a great feeling to share this with my husband Ted and friends Barb B and John m.