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85 Years Old And Still Loving Curling

Lynette Loder

February 9, 2023

Well I am so glad I have the opportunity to tell the sorry of my 85 year old Mother from Newfoundland. She doesn’t miss a game and if she has to go out for Church, shopping or her Sunday Night Bingo game she will record the games and watch when she returns home. Being from Newfoundland I guess you can figure out who her favourite team is. Yes TEAM GUSHUE. SHE IS ADDICTED. She even has a picture of the team on the kitchen fridge. We are four children and we joke that we will never be in her will. Brad will get it all. Lol. She maybe an older lady but she still travels. Actually I was living in Truro and few years back and she flew to NS to watch him play. Don’t get me wrong she loves all the boys and Team Gushue and I will let you in on a little secret. She loves Edin too. While visiting Truro she made sure she got her Picture taken with Team Gushue at the Arena. Right after the game was over that day we went to the Nook and Crannie Restaurant for supper and who should be there for supper too was Edin. Well. She called him over for a conversation and got a picture taken with him. What a great week she had. I was just back yo NL to celebrate her 85 th birthday and I would give my right arm to be able to take her to the Brier while she is in good health. I know it would make here so happy.