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A Curling Lifetime

Christine Olson

February 9, 2023

I am the 80 year old wife of a man , Gord, who is 76 and has been curling for 67 years. His mother was a curler, and not at home after school so he and his brother would go to the old curling rink and, according to Gord, who was 9 at the time , throw rocks back and forth for hours ( maybe 100 or more ). Ice was really heavy, took all their strength to get it down the ice. The roof leaked, spots of water on the ice. This is when his passion for curling started. He was a skip when he was a senior at school, had a chance to play for provincials, but curling was not a recognized school sport and he wasn’t able to go. He still talks about it being one of the biggest disappointments of his life. He was known as the hardest thrower in the rink until 11 years ago when he had a stroke, at the curling rink, during a game. Fortunately he recognized the signs , and , despite having loss of strength in his right arm, he was back at curling a year later. He recently travelled to Vancouver island where, with the terrace team, and his long time skip and friend from terrace ( now living on the Island), they won the A event. He watches everything on curling, the Pintys games, the Brier, the annual event in Las Vegas. He believes his curling career is coming to an end. It would be a dream come true for us, and two curling friends, to actually attend a brier , something on our bucket list. Despite our age, we are active in our community, and able to travel. Make a dream come true for my husband , it would bring both of us a great deal of joy.