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A Diamond in The Rough

Debra Cappellani

February 10, 2023

Well it was 2013 and as a number one fan favourite of team Jacobs, they won the 2013 Brier where I almost got kicked out of Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City by Wylie Coyote! Yes you heard that right! We did not have access to TSN and the only way to watch was from FaceTime as my friend turned her computer to her TV. When Team Jacobs won, we were all cheering like it was the Super Bowl but Wylie wouldn’t see it that way! One more outbreak of cheering and we were out!!! Ok, we get it! Settled down and tried to sleep that night with the excitement still rushing upon us!

Team Jacobs went to Worlds and came home with a silver medal that we were so proud of!! A week later they were to be honoured at the Greyhound game in the Sault. My husband being thoughtful and all, got me front row seats at the plexiglass with my kids so I could have a clear view of them during the intermission! I was so pumped when they walked out onto the ice that I was banging the glass so hard my hand hurt.

Later that evening, EJ invited us back to the curling club for a private party to celebrate. As I was sitting there chatting and sipping a glass of wine (as I do when I watch them curl), I noticed one of my diamonds was missing from my very expensive ring my husband bought me for our anniversary. I wanted to cry, throw up…you can imagine the feeling. Well EJ came by and I hugged him and I told him what happened. He felt so bad that he gave me his shirt and broom from Worlds. I was ecstatic to say the least, but still sick about my ring.

The next day we returned to the arena to try and search for the Diamond before they cleaned up but to no avail! The scattered popcorn won!!😌.
The following year Team Jacobs qualified for the Olympics and then won Gold!! That Diamond was worth a lot, but being on this journey with them as they progressed to an Olympic gold medal in 2014 meant a hell of a lot more!! As for Willie Coyote, he will never understand the importance of curling in Canada!!!