A dream birthday - Curling Day In Canada

I love curling, I live and breathe the sport. I curl as often as I can and I saw that the players championship was in Toronto so I asked my parents for tickets to go with my curling buddies for a nice birthday weekend! They ended up giving in and saying yes!

So, when mid April rolled around, I headed out to downtown Toronto and started watching the curling! At the end of the games I would try to get autographs, but I didn’t have much luck until Pete Steski, the MC of the event brought me down to ice level at the end of the games and I got so many autographs!!

I was so excited to meet all of the curlers and they were all so nice and would start small conversations with me! I felt so special. The next day, Pete said that if we came early to the 6pm game, we could get a picture on the ice with team Jones, my favourite team! So I actually got to meet team Jones and Take a picture at ice level!! I was so blown away at the kindness of Pete and the curlers!

Then, to top off the perfect weekend, I got a Jennifer Jones cardboard cutout from Pete! What a birthday! I was still wrapping my head around the events of the weekend as I was in school on the next Monday!! I was shown what curling was all about; community, kindness and care.

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