A Dream Come True! - Curling Day In Canada

Curling was always a favourite sport in our household. There was a rink a half an hour away that my parents played in some bonspiels but I never had the opportunity to join so we enjoyed it by watching it on TV. Now at the time it only got broadcasted for the Scotties and Brier finals weekend, and the worlds. But ever year we would get into watching it, so much I had my mom and her friend nicknamed our group commentators because they would call back and forth between 5th end breaks, and I was the stats analyst. We would joke saying that they should work for TSN along with Vic, Russ and Cheryl. Back to the story, when Brad Gushue came on the scene well that was even better, we had a home boy to cheer for! Year after year we watched him get better and better but always fell short of the Brier title. Little did we ever think that the Brier would come to St. John’s. We just had to get tickets! As we sat at Mile One Centre waiting for him to throw that last stone down the ice we thought to ourselves he could actually win this right here, for the first time in forty years and we are going to witness it after years of waiting watching it on tv. Now, of course he had to make it hard on our nerves in true Gushue fashion but with the help of the incredible sweepers the rock made it and the Brier Tankard was back in Newfoundland!! The place went in an uproar and I have yet to experience an atmosphere like I felt that day, and I don’t think I ever will. To finally win after all those years and on home soil at that made it that much sweeter! I was so proud to be a Newfoundlander that day. And to cap off the weekend who should we run into on the way out but Vic, Russ and Cheryl!! They were so obliging in getting a picture with my mom and her friend, it was the cherry on top of a fabulous weekend!

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