While playing in my 4th Brier which was in Quebec City with team mates Bob Cole, Lester Bowering and Alex Andrews when our Mate Lester blew out his knee and had to be helped off the ice. His Brier play was finished. There were no spares permitted and teams did not carry a 5th player. Games were 12 ends and the good old corn broom was still in use. This happened in the 1st game. Alex and I each had to throw three rocks with only one sweeper. On Wednesday Bob Cole asked for a meeting with the Brier officials to ask for at least a sweeper. This was granted and we were permitted to pick up a sweeper for the duration of the Brier. Keith Lawes who was attending as a spectator and who had played for our Newfoundland Brier team in 1969 came on board as a sweeper. This was a First in Brier play!

During the week of curling there was Major snow storm and streets were blocked therefor all curlers were taken by snowmobiles to the rink for a morning draw.