Im submitting this story for my spouse, Charles Gagnon and his kidney recipient Adam Freilich.

Charles is a long time curler and like most curlers has a wide variety of friends and acquaintances in the curling community. It was through this net that in June of 2021 he saw an appeal from a fellow curler, Adam, who was in stage 5 kidney failure. Adam had exhausted his options and needed a kidney.

Charles and Adam had crossed paths many times at curling clubs and on Facebook they shared a love of really terrible dad jokes. Charles saw Adams appeal on social media and was instantly invested. He told me that he was going to get tested and that he felt this was really something he should do if he could.

The first requirement was that the donor be “O” blood type. Check! Charles reached out to Adam to find out what to do to be tested for compatibility and the rest is history! After months of extensive testing to ensure the safety of both Adam and Charles, they got the all clear. Charles was a match and the surgery could go ahead. On September 21, Charles became one kidney lighter and Adam got renewed life. What an incredible gift!

They enjoyed their 15 minutes of fame as many news organizations picked up their story. They even had the opportunity to share it on CBC’s That Curling Show!

Both men are doing great and are back to their full active lives. Charles even qualified for provincials with his team though it remains to be seen if those will actually be played.

Charles and Adam have a new bond that will remain for a lifetime. They’re already planning on submitting a team to the Transplant Games (yes that’s a thing)!

None of which would have been possible without the amazing curling community that connects us all.