I had never dreamed of curling/competing on the ‘big’ stage, though I grew up across the street from Heather Houston, my late husband curled with Al Hackner! My unlikely fantasy was to be a fifth player on a womens team at the Scotties. Play one non televised game~all just to see what it would be like. The excitment, competition, the competitors! I did not believe I was “good” enough but it was a fun story. I did not curl regularly until 2002 when I joined the Burlington Curling Club. I enjoyed the social and competitive club leagues. Then in 2012 I was asked to spare at and only for the Senior Provincials with a team from my home club! Seriously? This team had been competing for several years and were seasoned. Alot of pressure since I never imagined to ever curl at that level! I did it! We won! I was apart of winning the Senior Ontario Women’s Provincial. I was so happy that I helped my friends reach their goal and looked forward to cheering them on at Nationals. As I was looking into how I could go to watch them compete a twist of luck unexpectedly came my way. And if I thought I was stressed at filling a spot on the Provincial level…well the stress went higher as I was asked to continue to play with the team at the Nationals. The decision was difficult and had to be quick! A great shock to me, I did accept and maybe it wasn’t the Scotties but it was a great experience as I curled against some of the greats I had watched for years! Heidi Hanlon, Cathy King, Cathy Cunningham and Colleen Jones~who had to draw to the pin in a win against us! All of these games could have gone either way! How nerve racking but eye opening to see that I was holding my own! Our team was did well. We even were on top of the leader board for a few games! It was hard to take the spot of a great curler and I thank her and sorry she did not get to go. I am grateful to the 3 teammates that chose me to spare and to move on with the team. We had a few more opportunties after that but it wasn’t to be. I am thankfull that I was able to play at a level that I believed was beyond me and was oh so proud to wear the Ontario jacket and represent Ontario at the 2012 Canadian National Senior Women’s. Thank you to all who made it possible and for cheering us on!