I was volunteering at the Continental Cup as a scorer and on ice observer. I had the opportunity to work on 8 out of the 11 draws. That meant I was present for 16 skips during the tournament.

One and only one, said hello. Brad Gushue walked over to me before the start of one draw and said, “Hi, I’m Brad. Let’s have some fun today”. Nice man.

Which is why later that evening, I had the courage to approach Brad and his team while they were sharing some laughs and a drink. I needed an answer.

Some 35 years earlier I had travelled to Newfoundland. I visited St. John’s and found a bar called Trapper John’s on George Street. I was screeched in and kissed a puffin’s backside. I was a proud Honourary Newfie, or so I thought. A friend from the Rock told me I had to ‘kiss the cod’ and that I was tricked into the puffin and was not an actual honourary Newfie. I told Brad and the team my story and asked if I was screeched in or not.

After a few minutes of chuckling, Brad confirmed that I was. Thanks Brad for taking the time for a fan.