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Baby’s First Brier

Amber Mann

February 9, 2023

I loved watching curling as a kid growing up. My grandparents took me to a Scotties one year and for forever Sandra Schmirler has been my hero. I have a an autographed picture of the team from the year they went to the Olympics. In 2017 when I heard the Brier would be in Regina, I jumped on getting weekend passes for the championship weekends. I was pregnant at the time and knew I’d be taking a 7 month old with me, but there was no way we weren’t going. Fast forward to March 2017, we had fantastic seats and the most understanding people sitting around us. We made the big screen a few times and Darren Moulding even waved at our little girl (he gained a fan for life). At the final game as Brad Gushue is about to throw his final rock to win a second brier, my little starts crying and as soon as that rock settled we had to get out of there. Talk about bad timing!! However just a year later we were able ti personally meet Brad and the team before the Pintys in North Battleford. We took that little girl and she got a picture with the team and a signed hat. Then she attended the Olympic trials with a big “Curling Rocks” sign this year end cheered hard for Team Gushue!!