Backyard bonspiel - Curling Day In Canada

My father-in-law installs a backyard curling and skating rink without fail every winter! He carefully levels the ground and applies flood after flood until he has created a beautiful rink.

You learn to appreciate winter in Saskatchewan just a little more once you’ve thrown a rock on his ice! It’s complete with a full set of rocks, hacks, a homemade farmer-engineered pebble can, scoreboard and scraper. He tends to his ice every day and blows off the snow with a leaf blower to keep his ice tip top! He has instilled a love of curling for me and my kids through curling at the rink in the local league and volunteering tirelessly at the rink.

One year we held a backyard bonspiel on Boxing Day with the whole family! The day consisted of a draw complete with hot chocolate at the ready and yummy leftovers! The final came down to a measure! It was a Christmas memory we will never forget!

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