I attended the Grand Slam Players Championship curling event on April 14, 2018. One of our bantam curlers also attended the event on his 13th birthday. I thought what can I do to make it a special day for Brandon. I saw Peter Steski in the stands. I went over to tell him that Brandon had his 13th birthday today and would they do anything for birthdays. Peter asked a few question like how old is he, does he curl, who is his favourite curler. Then he asked where is he now so I pointed Brandon out to Peter. Peter then said he would see what he could do. I thought maybe he would make an happy birthday announcement. Little did I know they didn’t do that. I was so surprised to see Peter go to Brandon and take him into the players benches. Then Peter gave him a Jacket with all the players signatures on it and told Brandon he could meet the players. Brandon was so thrilled and excited, his smile was seen all weekend. Curlers are the friendliest and most generous professionals that I know. He was able to get all the signitures on his white shire he had with him too and have a picture with the Jones team who he has been cheering for for many year. To be able to share my favourite sport with a young bantam curler was a thrill for me too. Brandon is still curling and cheering for Jennifer Jones as well as ice making at the Brampton Curling Club. Since that weekend I have been able to mentor and bring Brandon to many events. This memory just makes me smile every time I think about it. Curling is all about the kids and the future. Curling has been a blessing to me and I love to share it with kids and adults.