This past year has been a trying time so what better time to build an outdoor skating and curling rink that could be shared with our lake community and surrounding area.

To take a famous line from a movie “If you build it they will come.” has certainly rang true.

The rink was first established in 2012 by the Ann and Bob Betts who wanted to have a place to skate with their families. Each year the rink was expanded until finally 2 years ago with the help of Scott and Debbie Dunn the rink became regulation size with an addition this year of a curling rink.


With code orange and red restrictions changing weekly it was so nice for families to be able to social distance on the ice. The opportunity to watch the joy on

children’s faces as they learned to skate or discovered the art of throwing a curling rock. Even the elderly were out enjoying the fresh air and reconnecting with their families safely after being confined to their homes for so long during Covid.

We are living through a pandemic that has changed our lives and made us re-evaluate what is important. Community, people’s mental and physical health. The opportunity to build and share this rink has indeed been a privilege knowing that it would afford our families a little glimpse of what was once normal outdoor fun.