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2022 Individual Stories Beers with Brad

My friends and I ended up celebrating the 2020 Brier with Team Gushue following a chance street encounter. Heading back to our apartment in town, we ended up seeing Brad Gushue on the street just hours after they’d won the Brier final. We were courageous enough to ask them where they’d be heading out to …

January 23, 2022
2022 Individual Stories Memoirs of Curling

“This is a very important shot!” the Skip warns, setting my target. Tipping the 44-pound piece of granite over, I caress and clean the running surface. The routine each curler invokes before throwing the stone is their fingerprint. Curlers are as diverse, as a group of athletes can be. The game’s origin in 16th century …

January 23, 2022
Top Twelve Stories 2022 Individual Stories A Selfless Act and the Gift of Life

Im submitting this story for my spouse, Charles Gagnon and his kidney recipient Adam Freilich. Charles is a long time curler and like most curlers has a wide variety of friends and acquaintances in the curling community. It was through this net that in June of 2021 he saw an appeal from a fellow curler, …

January 23, 2022
2022 Individual Stories For the Love of Curling

I have been an avid curler (in my day), fan and now officiator, so there are many that come to mind. The one I will share is the year 2005, when my husband and I attended the World Men’s Curling event in Victoria, British Columbia. It was a great experience and we went to every …

January 23, 2022
Top Twelve Stories 2022 Individual Stories Plaidspiration

The year, 2020. I had been grooming a crack team of jack wagons for years with parlor games such as washer toss, darts, and frisbee. Now was the time to complete my lifelong vision. It was time to learn to curl. I did not grow up curling. My parents did not curl. My team mates …

January 23, 2022
2022 Individual Stories Bonspiel Bonanza

For several years my neighbour and I talked about joining forces to go to a Bonspiel somewhere. We had never played together but remembered each other as being curlers in Highschool (25 years previous). I had lived in Fort St. James for several years and remembered how the entire community got behind their Men’s Bonspiel …

January 23, 2022
2022 Individual Stories Michael Buble’s Vancouver

During the 2010 Olympics, Michael Buble was doing a feature called Michael Bubles’s Vancouver for Foxtel tv in Australia, hosted by actress, model and spokesperson, Ruby Rose. As the host club for curling, the Vancouver Curling Club was the site of one of their features. I was working as one of the hosts at the …

January 23, 2022
2022 Individual Stories Got to love curling❤️

Our love of curling started over 35 years ago outdoors in -45* temps. 🥶We started using javex jugs with antifreeze or windshield washer liquid and moved up to pouring cement into steel bowls . We had Super Bowl tournaments, Weekly league games , singles and team tournaments. We curled on the largest freshwater lake with …

January 23, 2022
2022 Individual Stories Curling for a Cause

In 2014 Curling for a Cause, an annual charity bonspiel in support of community causes, events and organizations in the Ottawa was founded Each year, 24 teams descend on the Ottawa Hunt & Golf Club for fun day of curling in support of a local non-profit. Each participants get a commeroratative event t-shirt, light lunch …

January 23, 2022
2022 Individual Stories Meeting Bob Ursel and His Lovely Wife,Leanne

My story begins with a gift from 3 brother in laws on retiring. The Gift was a total package of tickets and accommodations for 2015 Ford World Mens Curling Championship held in Halifax,Nova Scotia. On April 1,2015, the morning draw, I was sitting close to the play when I decided to go for a coffee. …

January 23, 2022