I grew up in Labrador and would watch curling with my Dad. The game always fascinated me as it took a lot of skill to calculate speed and angles. I was dating my boyfriend (now husband) when Team Gushue represented Canada at the Olympics in 2004 and remember that I called in sick to work to watch the gold medal game. My bucket list item was to watch Team Gushue win the Brier. When it was announced that the Brier was going to be held in St John’s in 2017, we planned to attend to hopefully watch Gushue win in his and my home province! But, life had other plans. I became pregnant and the due date was April 2017… so that squashed those plans! Then life got busy with 2 kids. Then in 2020, the Brier was scheduled in Kingston and we live in Ottawa. We bought tickets to the championship game as soon as they went on sale hoping that Gushue would be there. We had to arrange someone to come and watch the kids and make our drive down Sunday afternoon during the game that would decide if Gushue would play that night. I had my family text me all the details! We arrived in Kingston just as the game ended Sunday afternoon and saw that Gushue won! I was beyond myself! I was getting so close to witnessing one of my bucket list items; Gushue winning the Brier. Wow, is all I can say! The game, the atmosphere and everything was beyond my wildest dreams! Even if Gushue didn’t win, we were having the time of our lives! The game was amazing! I remember him playing Bottcher and both teams were great! But Gushue had the edge and won! It was such a great feeling! We waited to congratulate them after the game. My husband shook Brad’s hand that night. Which turned out to be his last handshake for years as the world then shut down due to covid. I’m so happy that we chose to take the chance! We have tickets to the Men’s world in April in Ottawa and hope to see Gushue representing Canada there!