Join the nationwide celebration
Curling Day in Canada

Join Canada’s BIG game

Kids dream BIG—so what better way to support the future generation of curlers than through a BIG Canada-wide curling game? There are two exciting (and easy!) ways that you can support the sport you love and earn ballots for the chance to win a $5,000 curling facility grant!

Submit Your Scores

For the entire day (February 5, 2022), we will collect the final score of as many ends played in curling facilities across the country. Throughout the day, submit your total combined top of board and total combined bottom of board scores for any games simultaneously being played in any 15 minute interval, and you will earn a ballot in the draw!

Put Your Celebration on the Map

Have you found unique, inclusive and funs ways to celebrate Curling Day in Canada in your community? Share how you and your members are celebrating the sport you love and engaging your community! Create your local Curling Day in Canada microsite and earn your curling facility another twenty-two ballots in the draw for a $5,000 grant!