At only 11 years old, my son has found a love for curling. Jaxon fell in love with curling at a very young age. Whether it was eating popcorn and watching his dad curl at the Weyburn Curling Club, watching curling on tv with Papa, or joining mom on the ice while she ran the school curling, Jaxon loved it all. Jaxon started throwing rocks long before he outweighed the rock. He’d put two feet in the hack, run with the rock to the hog line and let it go! Jaxon would curl on the kitchen floor, with grandma’s homemade curling rocks and for years a little curling shuffle board has been a fixture on the living room floor. Jaxon dreams to be a pro one day. He still talks about wearing Nikolas Edin’s jacket, being chosen as a junior ambassador for Team Quebec at the Scotties in Moose Jaw and participates in junior curling through the Weyburn Curling Club where he proudly shows up wearing Mark Kennedy’s signed curling shirt. Jaxon would be in heaven to win a trip to the Tim Horton’s Brier that he one day dreams to be a part of!
Here is a short video of some cute kitchen curling with Jaxon and his brother Cale!