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Curling Buds

Cheryl Guy

January 23, 2022

There are 4 of us that are Curling Buds, my sister Brenda, two friends, Glenda and Myrt and myself. I am the only one actively curling and Glenda used to but the other two have never curled. We are buds in the curling world because of the whole group of friends we share, us 4 are the only ones that have attended curling events. The four of us have gone with our husbands to many different major events that are in Ottawa. In 2018, the Curling Buds made it to Sarnia ON for the Continental Cup and had a blast. We, even got ourselves on TSN! Haha! The Curling Buds had planned and had tickets bought and a house rented to go to London in 2020 but Covid happened. And we thought that we would go to Las Vegas if it hadn’t been for Covid. The best part of our Curling Buds is that everytime that there is a curling event televised, we have a messenger chat that is just the 4 of us! We talk about what shot should have been done or the strategy used and we discuss who we don’t like and who we like! Haha And if someone is not able to be on our chat at the time of a major game, we keep them updated on the score and end. We have lots of laughs and discussions! Another thing that we share in our messenger group is curling news or updates. There has been lots lately. So it would be fun if we could win this great contest to discuss curling expertise at an actual event and maybe share a beer or two together. The pictures I have attached to this are our TSN moment, Rachel at the Continental Cup, our messenger chat and my hubby and I at a curling bonspiel in March 2020.