Curling Fans Best Day Ever - Curling Day In Canada

The 2010 Alberta Men’s Provincial Curling playoffs were held in Olds, Alberta in February 2010. My curling buddy Brian and I decided to drive there to watch the finals on the Sunday. While watching the afternoon game, probably semi-finals, we noticed some men walk in the arena wearing fancy bright white coats that really stood out. As they got closer we could see the coats had the Olympic emblem on them. As soon as I realized it was Thomas Ulsrud and Team Norway, I flew out my seat and ran up to the concourse to see if I could meet them. My buddy Brian came running behind me with my purse. I was so excited I didn’t even grab my purse first. So I got to meet Thomas Ulsrud and Torger Nergard and get my picture with both of them! They were so nice and gracious and down to Earth, and very humbled, like they didn’t think they’d have such big Canadian fans. They were on their way to Calgary I believe to do practice for the Olympics and just decided to stop in at Olds to take in some great local curling. Later that evening, we watched the final game between Randy Ferbey’s team and Kevin Koe. We were really rooting for Team Ferbey as we heard that if they didn’t win that year, and make it to the Brier that they might split up. Unfortunately Koe beat them. So after the game, as usual, Brian and I went upstairs to the lounge to drown our sorrows in a beer or two. While sitting there, in walks Randy Ferbey, David Nedohin and Marcel Roque. So we invited them to join as at our table, and much to our surprise, they did!!!! So I believe it may have been their last night as a team and we got to hang out and have a beer with them. They were also very gracious and kind and even let me have a picture with each of them. This is one day I will never forget. Getting to meet and hang out with two of my favourite curling teams was truly a highlight! Truly one of the best days I’ve ever had as a curling fan. Unfortunately the world lost Thomas Ulsrud a few years later and he will be missed by the curling world. So for that day, I am eternally grateful.

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