The Heart Institute got me better
Yes, my heart gave me all kinds of grief
Then those same docs gave me a big thumbs up
To get on the ice and just go compete.

I went out to Kamloops with Heather
Our Ontario team; plus Janets x 2.
“We went over the mountains” together
And “under the stars” we 4 flew.

Trading in our flip flops for grippers,
The golf shirts for fleece and long johns,
Despite a suboptimal practice
We found game form the very next morn.

Outside temperature was a searing 37;
The ice maker was Merklinger’s son.
The sheets were fast and true and whenever we threw
Our team never found nary a run.

Stiff competition; for we were surrounded
By a tough pool of Sask., B.C. and Man.,
At the end of the days, after round robin play,
Our Ontario Team, the table we ran.

So onto the gold medal finals
Versus Alberta, it wasn’t a cinch,
We came away with a medal of silver
My rock didn’t curl up that last half an inch.

Medal presentations bestowed by Matt Dunstone,
Such an honour to have him arrive,
“The Sheriff” was both gracious and patient
To all teams photo ops gladly provide.

Come what we may, curl we must
In the Janets and Heather I fully trust
A foursome started up, many friendships built to last
We rocked the Canada Games and had a blast!

(referenced “Reuben and the Dark” Bow and Arrow)