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Curling in the Winter of Covid… Season 2

Dawn Kish

January 14, 2022


The curling club is open (YAY)
We must be doubly vaxed,
Before the Board of Directors
Rightly lets us put a toe into the hack.

Season 2 is going better
Now we’re back here at the club,
Not only throwing rocks are we,
It’s our community social hub.

The volunteers are at the front door
North Grenville’s back in curling mode,
Members training on the iPad
To scan CurlON’s QR codes.

The upstairs lounge is buzzing
After games with chats and drinks
Discussing shots we missed and made
And who’s strategy requires a re-think.

Team Kish is happily back together
Ladder competition is on Thursday nights.
Moving down to ‘B’ from ‘A’ are we.
Next draw we’ll get it right!

There’s “Beaver” out on sheet 3
He’s yelling “Hurry Hard!”
One sweeper is all we’ve been allowed
To brush in that perfect guard.

Now the whole plan is out the window,
Omicron is moving too fast…
Having the curling club be open
Was just too good to last.

We’re going to make the best of things
Rideau’s frozen through and through
Putting in another rink this year
Gives us much to do.

Not in lockdown, but limited
To gathering in groups of ten
Will give us enough curlers
For two teams and two spares then.

Won’t you join us down on the river?
If possible-bring your own rock
And don’t forget that you should also grab
Some extra thick wool socks.

A tree stump is there to sit upon
It’s nicknamed ‘dressing room”
After the game we guarantee
You’ll need a new brush head for your broom.

If we should win this contest
To watch the Brier come alive,
We’d cheer so LOUD that we’d be heard
Right through our KN95s!