My workplace decided to do a fun curling event. No experience or skill needed. I quickly learned that what you see on tv is no way as easy as it looks in person. My first slide (or attempt) landed me on my back and i went further than the rock did. I was determined to win this battle with the ice, my second attempt has me do a 360 and the rock did not make the hog line. So in my mind this was progress. I then went to get a head halo to protect me for the final attempt. As i got ready to fire my rock down the ice, I glanced down at my rock and said a prayer. Some say that all prayers are answered, well this was no exception (I am alive to write this). I pushed the rock with all that i had and epic failure. I slid (halo in tact) head first down the sheet and ended further than the rock. This was the start and end of my curling career. One thing that I did accomplish that day was a new found respect for the professionals, they make the sport look so easy. I had many laughs with my colleagues that day and realized I am best suited to be a off-ice official.