Curling Is In Our Blood! - Curling Day In Canada

I moved to SE Saskatchewan in 1980 to teach school. In the fall I started curling in Estevan and there I met my now husband of 33 years. We curled some mixed curling together along with our 3 sons in Bienfait SK also. Our boys curled in the local 4-H club and one of them curled competitive Junior curling in his high school years. We watch all the curling we can on TSN, SN and whatever we can find on YouTube.

As I write this I’m sitting in my hotel room in Huatulco Mexico watching the Manitoba men’s play downs from Neepawa and looking forward to watching the Alberta men’s play downs later this evening. We watched John Shuster and Tabitha Peterson curling in the US play downs yesterday.
We attended the Sask Viterra ladies curling in Estevan 2 weeks ago and sadly had to miss the men’s because of our trip to Mexico. However, we watched every game once we got here – thank gosh for technology!

I was at a Silver Broom in 198? something and my husband and I attended the Brier in Regina several years ago.
Safe to say we are a curling crazy family and would LOVE to win a trip to the Brier!

Here’s hoping we can get to the 2024 Brier and cheer on our Team Saskatchewan!! 🥌♥️

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