Hi My name is Traceylynn and I would like to share my curling story ,
I started my career as a hairstylist and then loved the game of curling so I decided to get a job working at a curling rink ,
I didn’t know my passion for watching would take me to this next level ,
I worked at the granite curling club in Saskatoon which now is closed and I meet so many curlers, fans and the greatest thing my now husband there !
I had a thing that I would do as a waitress and tell one joke Per week to my customers as I served them food and drinks ,and it was something the curlers liked, if I didn’t have a joke ready I was in trouble hahaha.
One day when I was working
I seen this handsome dude that really really caught my eye and I said I am going to marry this guy to my supervisor so I could follow him around the world and watch him curl , well as the story goes I did marry him but he was no (Kevin Martin ) lol ,, and he was curling for recreation.

Over the years I met great curlers and earned clients which I still have to this day ,
I volunteered at the briers in Saskatoon in 1995 and2001 I believe ,
My cousin is a curler from Saskatchewan and has been to the brier a few times !
To this day it’s my favourite sport to watch and I have daily chats with my clients about curling.
Why I believed I think I should go to this brier would be to bring my husband which had a heath scare but is perfectly ok now , so it would be a dream to go together where we first met and our 28 year marriage is going strong .
Curlers and the fans of this game are such great people .
Thank you for reading my story ! 😀