Curling Memories - Curling Day In Canada

When i was young, curling wasn’t taught in school like it is now. But my parents were curlers. I have decades of memories of following them to the rink and watch them curl. Learning the game was always exciting to me, even tho i never played. As i got older, i was able to work in the concession to help them out and to help pass the time. Curlers are great people. As i grew up, and my parents had to stop playing, we always enjoyed watching games on tv when we could. I lost my mom 11 years ago, and it was again that curling became a great memory…i was able to go watch the best of Alberta curl in Camrose. It was very emotional time for me, and i truly believe my mom was sitting with us, enjoying the experience. We were able to go to Camrose again this year to the Pintys. Curling will always be a special sport

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