Our church sponsored many Rwandan families to immigrate to Canada. We use to rent the curling rink once a year for the church family to come and try curling.

So to prepare some of the teenagers for the event we brought them to the Friday night open curling. The Rwandan families were actively pursuing learning about Canadian culture and had heard that hockey was Canada’s national sport; I told them that curling was really a great Canadian sport and should be our national sport.

On the evening of the open curling event; we tried to explain the basics of curling; how to throw a rock, etc.

Marcel spoke up and said they had all researched on youtube and didn’t need our instructions. Marcel grabbed a rock, got in the hack and went to throw the rock. It was his first time ever on ice. He was so surprised at what it felt like that he did not let go of the rock. The look on his face was priceless! Unfortunately there is no picture just a great memory!