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Curling story from 1970

Heather Barrett

January 23, 2022

My story is really by husbands story but I will tell it. In 1970 his father Jack won to go to the Alberta play downs. Coming from a small club out of the Village of Breton this was huge to Jack but also the local community. He made it to the final game and played the well known Hec Gervais and it was a great game. Unfortunately Jack missed his last shot & lost the game. On returning home he was upset with himself but family & friends were proud at how far he went. Into the early hour of that morning Jack passed away. As sad as it was the family have always believed he passed doing the thing he loved so much. It’s a story that’s been told many many times in our small local club even years later. He has got an 8 Ender a few weeks before this at another local club so some pretty special moments in a curlers career.