Curling Tips For A Beginner - Curling Day In Canada

I had just started curling a few years back and didn’t know much about the game or who’s who in the curling world. One day I went down to the Saville Curling Center with my Curling for Dummies book to practice. I had been throwing rock for a little while when a man from another sheet came over and gave me several pieces of advice. I finished my practicing and went home. Later that night I told my husband about the funny bald man that came over and helped me out. My husband asked who he was and I said I don’t know. Nothing else was said again until one night after our Thursday Night Mixed Curling game we were having a snack & beverage when an announcement came over the intercom saying that they were going to have some cake & a bit of a send off celebration for Alberta’s Men’s Team heading off to the Brier. Well when they announce Kevin Martin I belted out ” That is the funny guy that gave me pointers”. Well our table and the surrounding tables had a good laugh & said you don’t know Kevin Martin! Anyway my curling friends bring that story up now and again and we all have a good laugh.

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