Curling with Mom - Curling Day In Canada

Like many kids of my vintage their introduction to curling was getting dragged to the rink and watching Mom play in the afternoon ladies league. As a kid I listened over the years to news of Moms bonspiel wins and club championships. When I was 8 she played in the Diamond “D” ( now the Scotties). I remember more the excitement of it all more than knowing what it really meant.
Curling was part of gym in grade 5 for us. I skipped the High School and at 16 Mom asked me to join her team as lead. I was thrilled as to me I was joining the elite of our ladies teams.
Mom took her game seriously but she was also a lot of fun. I especially loved when she gave me the “train whistle “ signal, she was calling for what now would be up peel or what the Scots call barrier. I remember people telling me she played a mens game, I usually corrected them saying she played her game. I remember a bonspiel final in our home rink, every rock was in play and the house was a mess I didn’t think there was a shot. Mom looked turned to me and said well looks like this it and pointed out an angle double raise and double takeout followed by a “come on Bum let’s do this “. Called & made & we won she was my hero. We came off the ice to a full house somebody whispered in my ear that was a bit of luck I turned around quite indignantly and let them know that was exactly what she called ! That very well have been the last year she curled but she watched cheered on all her kids and grandkids. Though she is no longer with us she still attends every event in spirit, I wear her Provincial pin for luck when we watch her grandson play on the tour.
Precious memories
Peg Wherrett 1926-2005

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