At the 2017 World Men’s Curling Championship we headed off to the Patch to meet a friend for a beverage. We were intrigued by the curling rock shuffle board and waited our turn to give it a go. The 3 of us sauntered up to the table when we heard a “do you mind if we join you?”

One of my friends obliged them and the other stepped aside to allow for 2 against 2. The lighting was dim so I didn’t really take a look at our competitors, other than noting they were 2 young handsome blond men, clutching a beer in each hand. However, I was a bit confused that they were conversing to each other in another language and mentioned that to my friend. She responded they are strategizing in Swedish.

Perhaps it was the liquor but I was oblivious that our competitors were 2 of the Swedish mens’ team, namely Oskar Eriksson and Henrik Leek. My friend had recognized them from the start but not I. I was perplexed why our other friend was photographing the entire game. It wasn’t until we shook hands on a “good” game that my friend clued me in to whom we had graciously lost the game to. In the photo, I’m the clueless blonde on the right.

“En natt att minnas!”