Engagement, vows, and maybe anniversary trip ? - Curling Day In Canada

My wife and I have been avid curlers & fans since our early junior days. In 2006 I proposed to my then girlfriend at a family points bonspiel that we have every year.

This was “the moment” as we have 2 draws, 1 draw for avid curlers and another draw for newbies and 1st timers, and this year my team & my fathers  team tied with wins & points. A hard thing to accomplish in this type of bonspiel. My father and I were to have a closest to the pin throw-off to see who would be champion. My father throw first and touched the button. I threw with the engagement ring in a box, in a bag, tied to the rock handle. My rock went through the house to the back boards where my girlfriend was standing. I then proposed where she said yes.

Fast forward to January 2017 and my wife and I had bought tickets to the Continental Cup in Las Vegas. Once we had secured the tickets I spent over a month going back and forth with all most all the teams, North American & International, trying to get the chance to re-new our vows with their help. The timing and availability would not work, BUT Stuart Brown who was MC’ing the event was more than happy to help me out. THIS WAS A COMPLETE SURPRISE TO MY WIFE. After the first draw, while in the Patch Stuart called us up on stage in front of everyone so that we could renew out vows. Some of the teams come up to congratulate us, and for the rest of the event we were know as the “wedding couple”.

Now I am trying to take another step in an anniversary surprise for my wife and entering this contest. It would be a lot of fun to attend the 2022 Tim Horton Brier, and would be a memorable ANNIVERSARY TRIP.

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