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Gare aux pantalons

Richard Lehingrat

14 janvier 2022



Living in BC, the land of golfing and skiing on the same day, I often get asked, “why do you curl?”. I answer that I love the feeling of weightlessness when sliding out to deliver a rock, or talk about good fun competition, or mention it’s a sport you can grow old with.

In 2014, Team Chimko qualified for our third Challenge Cup, an annual event pitting club champions in the Lower Mainland. Our first 2 trips to the tourney were disastrous losing all 6 games, only one of which made it to the 10th end. Team Chimko asked themselves a soul-searching question, “what’s the chance of our team from Port Moody making an impact this year?”. Apparently, the scoreboard wasn’t turning too many heads. Our solution: Loudmouth Pants for the team, in yellow with pink and blue lightning bolts. I blushed at even the thought of sporting them.

At the Challenge Cup in Richmond, donning the clown suits, we quickly realized we would have to pull together as a team or gently curl off to the corner boards. In the bar and at the banquet, the pants were a big hit, but the true acid test was on the ice. Team Chimko’s motto for 2014 was “Beware the Pant” and this attitude seemed to rattle our first three opponents who, possibly distracted by the glare, lost to the colourful pantaloons. Not expecting to win anything but a fashion contest, Team Chimko was suddenly making fans on and off the ice as players and fans cheered for the underdogs in the nasty pants. With a berth in the semi-finals on the line, the team from Richmond Curling overcame the flash and glare defeating Team Chimko in 9 ends: ungracious hosts.

So, why do we curl? I’m not sure, but don’t get too over-confident at your next tournament. You may look over your shoulder and hear someone whisper, “Beware the Pant”.

Author: Richard Lehingrat is a senior curler at the Port Moody Curling Club in British Columbia. He considers himself the best lead in his league.

Team Chimko (from photo) : Les Chimko, Ron Arnold, Rich Lehingrat , Bob Holmes