From: Janis
Club name: Yellowknife Curling Centre

When you play such an awesome sport there is never just one memory or story to share!
The ladies on my team were not only teammates but more like best friends ❤
To all the other curlers I have meet over the years we will always have memories to share and look back on.
My favourite time of the year was the summer when we went to curling camp! Those were the best memories. By the way if your kid wants to go to a curling camp send them to Whitecap Curling Academy. I think it’s the best!

My boyfriend curled for the first time last year.

He’s a Plumber; they’re not used to playing with frozen water but they had so much fun last year that they’ll be curling in the same bonspiel/fund raiser again this year! A young girl I have recently met who has never curled before, I heard the first day she slid out of the hack she had great form like she’s been curling for years.

You never know until you try right?

Curling is a great sport to try because anyone at any age can play. You will love it!

You’ll always catch me and Yellowknife cheering on the great curlers curling out of the Yellowknife Curling Centre

I will never quit curling. I can’t wait to get back on the ice one day!
I’ll be happy if this post encourages you to at least try this amazing sport.

*P.s Hope I’m not late*