In 2010 as a rookie I was invited to the Gordon’s International cup. This cup has existed since 1884. It is a friendly competition between US club teams and Canadian club teams. The winner is decided by the highest number of point rock count. Year to date Canada is up 92 wins against 31 to the USA. I was lead for the team for which were I thought was pretty good. We won all our 4 preliminary games against Vermont, New Hampshire, Virginia and Connecticut. The last game was the one that we had to win, and which counted towards contributing to the winning of the Gordon’s Trophy. Well, it did not turn out exactly like we planned. We got trounced by a team in New York from the town of Schenectady. I believe we lost 24 to 4. Of course we were all at the same table for diner and announcement of the winner between the US and Canada. Well, the US won that year by the amount that we lost our final game. That was my introduction to a friendly international, but even though we lost I made friends and enjoyed a competition that not many participate in. I have since played in one another events in 2019, but this time we came out winners. In my mind we are all winners, as this friendly just demonstrates the camaraderie between two nations. By the way Curling is the only sport I am aware of that the winners always offers a drink to the losers. Unfortunately I do not have a photo of me participating in this event, but I do have a photo of the club pins against some of the teams I played against. Cheers