Our love of curling started over 35 years ago outdoors in -45* temps. 🥶We started using javex jugs with antifreeze or windshield washer liquid and moved up to pouring cement into steel bowls . We had Super Bowl tournaments, Weekly league games , singles and team tournaments. We curled on the largest freshwater lake with The Sleeping Giant has our background, built a rink at a dormant volcano at our mine site for winter carnivals and my good friend Storman Norman designed our newest game Shuffleboard Curling. 2 or 3 4×8 sheets of plywood depending on the length you want, 2 or 3 sawhorses, 6 2×4, and a roll of plastic. Frame it in, pour water, freeze, paint the rings and we use hockey pucks for the stones! Add a fire pit and good friends and your in for a great nite of curling!