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Grandson Love’s Curling

Dianne Mailloux

February 9, 2023

My name is Dianne my Grandson, Rhett, is 16 years old and has been curling in my hallway since he was 4. He would make the rings with tape and find something that resembled a curling rock and with his stiffer broom he would slide up and down my hallway with slippers on. He started curling in a rink when he was in Grade 5 at school with little rockers. He has continued on with this sport except for the 2 years of COVID. He now skips his high school boys team and they curl in a mixed and a men’s league, plus bonspiel. All he wanted for Christmas for the past few years was to go to the Brier so last year when it was coming to Lethbridge I bought him and I tickets and that was his Christmas gift. But not only was it a gift for him but it was a chance for me to enjoy my favourite sport with my eldest grandchild. We spent the final weekend watching this great game in aww and admiration. He got to meet and get signatures from some of his favourite players. We were so absolutely floored how a rink filled with sooo many people can be quiet enough to hear a pin drop at times. This sport has the greatest of fans, all so respectful of the players. It was an experience we loved so much. What would be even better would be for us to enjoy it again but in a different province and venue. Thankyou for all the joy this sport has brought to my Grandson. Also my Granddaughter who this time last year stated “I am never playing that sport” is skipping her high school girls team and is loving it. Her big brother’ enthusiasm for curling has rubbed off on her and because he works at the curling rink after school they often go down and just throw rocks for hours. She has become very good at this sport partially because she is a natural athlete but mostly from the coaching from her big brother who loves this sport. Rhett also attended his first curling camp this past summer and gained so much knowledge. Thankyou Dianne Mailloux ❤️