I am a retired railroader who is heavily involved in the Forest Curling and Social Club, Forest Ontario.

I am a member of the Board of Directors and as President I was involved in construction that made our club building total accessible. As a retired railroader from CN Rail I am eligible to apply and receive grants from CN in their CN Railroader in the Community Grant Program.

To that end I have obtain several yearly grants toward our Youth Curling Program.

My most heart warming grant a couple of years ago was a grant that purchased brooms for the Little Rockers program. This years grant also came with an extra bonus of $100 because I am also a member of the CN Pensioners Association.

When we are able to restart our very successful Youth program they will have needed funding. We have excellent coaches and assistants that train youngsters in the greatest game on ice. My own time curling is when I have a game that I manage to keep focused and hit the broom with the right weight and make that shot!!