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Greatest gift ever

Everett Barilla

January 18, 2021

While traveling to volunteer at the Players Championship a few years ago I got the bright idea that I wish I had thought of earlier in the week for a gift for my grandparents 62rd wedding anniversary (they celebrated 65 this year). The idea was to get teams or particularly my grandma’s favourite team to wish them a happy anniversary.

So after the semi finals when Team Gushue was coming off the ice I made sure to be at the end of the autograph line to ask them. They had just lost to Team McEwen and I could tell Brad wasn’t feeling up to it until I said 62rd anniversary, and he something sparked in him and said let’s do this.  Just another example of the great guy Brad is and we waited for the rest of the team to join for the video.

I had to sit on this video from Easter weekend in April all the way to July 23rd to send and show them the video, it was killing me. I posted the video on their Facebook wall so everyone could see and mailed them the USB so they would always have a copy, it took phoning my aunt for them to get back on Facebook to see it but they absolutely loved it. I had numerous people wondering how I got them to do it and not to mention having other family members tell me they thought it was the best gift they have ever received.

Who would have thought that one little video would bring them so much joy on an already joyous occasion.

Here is the link to watch the video: