Hoosiers Outdoor Curling Bonspiel! - Curling Day In Canada

We flood 2 rinks of ice outside near our hall, totally relying on the weather! Hoosier is a town of about 5 people, we have 24 teams playing friday and Saturday late into the night with spotlight helpng see the rings! We have a live auction friday night selling the teams which everone gets very involved in supporting the teams. You have 4 players on every and they much change positions every end so everyone gets to skip a end. Most years it is minus 30 blizzardy and almost need push brooms skidoo suits, big winter boots, your beer freezes before you get it drank! This year it was so cold flooding and building the rings -40 then 4 days before it warm up to -4 , we were very worried about the ice getting soft.. the sun was so hot but we got the rings painted using nail jigs and syringes full of paint to get the lines on! We use a local steamer from the oil patch for the hot flood , the ice was looking amazing , ROCK ON! the ice held amazingly, laughter, visiting, smiles, cheering, ice dancing and curling all weekend long late into the nights!!

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