My husband and I are avid curling fans so naturally during my maternity leave with my first child I took the opportunity to binge the Scottie’s, the brier and the women and men’s worlds always with my very young son watching with me. My son was fascinated by the spinning rocks, the colored stones and easy pace of the game. We didn’t realize how much the game of curling influenced him by watching at such a young age (4-5 months) until he was a bit older and suddenly he didn’t want to watch children’s programs he wanted to watch PVR’d curling matches.

Our child sized cleaning set has seen most of its use as a pretend curling broom as my son goes cruising down our hall furiously sweeping and yelling hurry hard. His pre primary show and tell presentation was his indoor curling set instead of the type of items that other kids normally show.

He is excited for this seasons competitions and asks us constantly is curling on? He’s 5 now and cannot start youth curling until he turns 7. Until then we shall watch our favourite teams whenever we can and keep on practicing our sweeping technique in our hallway. I’m hoping if we continue to foster his interest we could end up at the brier as the parents of a competitor.