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Hurry Hard

Wendy Polson

February 9, 2023

Well the thrill of learning a Canadian game.

Started curling 🥌 in Armstrong British Columbia with a great team player in a seniors league .

Moved to Calgary Alberta and started curling 🥌 with great fun at Arc Community Centre.

Here took a clinic with Shannon and Richard Kliebrink. Two wonderful curling champs.

Well to my surprise, being very nervous playing with great curling experience and I had last rock, there it goes down the sheet, thinking oh my gosh it’s head to the rocks in the house and there , yep there it goes blue into a win.

There was a whooopie I’ve won a game that’ll always be with me forever.

Shannon and I shock hands “( and what did I say, I’ll do autographs next week”, we both had a great chuckle.

I couldn’t have had a better wish to play with an amazing couple.