I used to be a Physical Education teacher at an elementary school (retired not long ago) and I introduced my students to Rocks and Rings in their PE classes. Now this was a brand new sport for almost all of my students. They fell in love with it! Each day they came to the gymnasium door and saw it set up they would get so excited! I informed them that we had a curling rink in our community (again the majority of them did not know this) and that on Sundays there was a little Rocks program that ran. The curling club started seeing huge increases in numbers of youth coming to curl. This made my heart so happy. Not only were they loving it in the gymnasium but now they were taking those skills they learned to use in a “real ice” situation. To have them all come back to me and excitedly fill me in on their enjoyment of the “actual” curling experiences they were having made me feel proud. I’m so glad I went out of my comfort zone to teach these students a new sport. Some of them have become very good curlers and have represented not only our club but our province in competitions. Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures from my PE classes but I wouldn’t have permission to post them anyway. I have grown to enjoy watching curling now and even have participated in stick curling at our local club now that I have more free time! ❤️