My story involves my wife, the Tim Hortons Brier, and our eventual anniversary. As curling fans the Tim Hortons Brier has always been special and as it turned out memorable in our life. We were going to the 2013 Tim Hortons Brier in Edmonton and I decided that it was the perfect place to propose to my future wife. Luckily she said yes and this tied us to the curling championship from then on. We decided we would get married the following year and as it turned out I presented the Championship banner to the 2014 Ontario champions, Team Balsdon on the Wednesday before the Tim Horton Brier, was married on the Thursday and we flew out to Kamloops for the Tim Hortons Brier that Friday. We celebrated our honeymoon at the Tim Hortons Brier and every year since we spend our anniversary at the Canadian men’s curling championship. This means I always know when my anniversary is.