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It will be fun, they said…

Kari Mirrlees

January 23, 2022

I grew up in a small town. Curling was a presence, but not a large presence. I had no exposure to it until I was a grown adult. Friends of mine were hosting a fundraiser bonspiel and asked if I’d participate. I was told there was no pressure, it was all for fun. So, as one open to exercise and fun I said sure. I was told that scores didn’t matter, just have a good time. Greener than green I began to warm up. I was offered a wee shot of “warm up” in my coffee, which I declined, not trusting myself on the ice.
I had no clue of the rules or objectives, I had seen it on tv but never payed close attention. I watched other people warming up and began to get the gist of it. Seriously, how hard could it be?!? I soon learned there was far more to it than met the eye! Getting into the hack, not to mention getting out of it was truly an art form and clearly I did not possess that form! Ok so I set my sights to sweeping! Perhaps I could earn my keep sweeping. As a relatively strong, relatively fit youngish woman, I could do this! I would dazzle my team and earn their respect. My friend, the one who told me “no pressure!” and “have fun!”, hollered at me like there was no tomorrow! “SWEEP!!”, “HARDER!” I remember hollering back at one point, “I AM!!!”. Our team did not fare well
and needless to say, I didn’t have to buy any first rounds!
But then came the best part, a meal created and cooked up by a bunch of good ole farm ladies (seriously, no one on this earth can cook and feed people like them).
At the end of the night, I proceeded to get ready to leave and discover my legs were shaking so bad, I could barley get down the stairs! It was a good week before my leg muscles returned to normal!
I am an avid fan now and prefer to cheer over playing (Go Team Dunstone!) Maybe someday I’ll try again. Next time I think I’ll try the wee “warm up” in my coffee. Seriously, what could it hurt?