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Jim ursel’s shoes

Glenn Tester

January 23, 2022

1977, playing in the lakeshore bonspiel which is hosted by 7 clubs in the Montreal area. Played a morning game just settling in for an after game beer. Phone rings at the club we were playing at, announcement comes out that Jim ursel forgot his curling shoes at the club we were playing at this day and he was getting ready for a game at my home club, Lachine, a 30 minute drive away and his game started in 40 minutes. Jim ursel was a legend in quebec and was using this bonspiel as a tune up for the brier.
So I grabbed his shoes, cleaned off the car and headed to Lachine. I arrived at the Lachine club just as his team was going on the ice for their game. Art lobel, Don aitken, and their lead by the name of Ross if memory serves me well. Jim was patiently waiting, took his shoes then spent the next 5 minutes or so chatting with me while his game was going on. From that day forward my thoughts went to becoming a competitive curler and eventually a competitive coach.
The picture I have submitted is of me coaching at the 2014 scotties.
I was lucky enough to coach the quebec ladies team at three m and m junior championships and two scotties. Memories that I will have forever all due to a 5 minute chat with Jim. 1977 was also the year he won the brier if memories serve me correctly.